Restaurant Day – Get Cooking Now

On November 21st it is time for another international Restaurant Day. To all the passionate cooks out there, this is your opportunity to open your home and turn it into a one-day restaurant. You can show your talent, start experimenting and cook all the goodies you love.

The principle of Restaurant Day, an initiative which was started in Finland is pretty straight forward. A worldwide food carnival happening four times a year, inviting people to get together over a delicious plate of food, allowing you to set up your own, individual restaurant anywhere – from parks, to street corners and inner courtyards to your own home.

Restaurant Day started off in January 2011 with 45 restaurants in 13 cities. Today they reached a number of 2042 restaurants in 29 countries. However, Hamburg still seems to be a Restaurant Day virgin, as this year only one restaurant is participating – Restaurant Day goes Moorburg (more info here)

So get started! You can still sing up: plan your location, create your menu and concept and find some helping hands so you can handle the crowd…oh and let us know…PinkBananas love to eat 😀

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