HH Weekend Guide 18. 19. & 20.12.

Coming home for Christmas. PinkBananas are off from today…work is over for this year and now we have 2 weeks to concentrate on the important things in life: food, sleep, friends, lovers and family. Let’s see what’s going on, on the last weekend before Christmas in Hamburg…

HH Weekend Guide: Friday 18. December

The 90ties are back. Get out your band t-shirts and put your high waist 501 on. Lets work this look this weekend. If you are looking for a cool band-tshirt the following event will melt your heart, Krank & Ulf is a bazar for bandshirts. So if you are still looking for an all time classic to complete your look or you want to give yours away for a good purpose you should join Krank and Ulf at the Aalhaus. This event collects money for women’s shelters.

Aalhaus Eggerstedtstr. 39, 22765 Hamburg, starts at 6 p.m.

HH Weekend Guide: Saturday 19. December

Le Bon the french Brasserie in St. Georg just opened its doors and we already integrated it in our weekend routine. You pop by for a french breakfast and directly get this laid back french feeling – laissez-faire. With a big cup of Café au lait in your hands and the newspaper your inner French just feels like it belongs…

Koppel 76, 20099 Hamburg opens at 10 a.m.

In St. Georg you can find a house full of artists all year round. You can visit them in their ateliers and buy handcrafted products: jewellery, paintings, books, shoes, suits or china. Every year the association for art and handcraft selects 40 German artists and craftspeople to exhibit their art and products every Advent weekend. This way, they set up an art fair where you can find beautiful presents for Christmas. Last weekend I bought a beautiful cashmere scarf and china for my coffee in the morning. Lets buy local and support the manufacturing artists of the region.

Koppel 66 – Haus für Kunst & Handwerk, 20099 Hamburg, starts at 11 a.m.

This time of the year is all about reminiscing the past times and if you feel like laughing about what happened during those young days for others you have to get to the Clubkinder Diary Reading at the Grünspan. For one night some very brave boys & girls will read from their teenage diaries…out loud…to you. Laughters ands tears guaranteed. Doors open at 8:15.

HH Weekend Guide: Sunday 20. December

Happy 4th Advent…oh soon it will be my favorite day of the year… but before, there are these magic Sundays: Advent. This sunday is booked for my friends. Everybody comes back to town for catching up, for visiting their families and friends. This time of the year when you see this guy again that guy who gave you the first kiss. School days are replaying in your mind and luckily a lot of your old friends are back in town to catch up.

HafenCity offers plenty of cool acitvities for these kinds of events. Ice Skating, Bavarian Curling and a little Christmas market. But this Sunday also family photoshooting, so for us an Entourage photoshooting. From 12 a.m. on you can skate and enjoy a hot gluehwein. After six o’clock the real competition starts with Bavarian Curling, the sports you watch on TV and really have to focus to stay serious.

Happy Weekend!

Yours dearly & sincerely PinkBananas

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