Christmas Wish List – Lisa

All I want for Christmas is….

Well, yes we are early this year (that’s a first!) After Michi and Leo already told you about their secret wishes for Christmas it is my turn. And no, we are not doing this to gently remind our families, boyfriends and friends what they could shop to make us happy under the Christmas tree, but to give you some inspiration for yourself.

To be honest I am reaching a point where I feel like I don’t really need anything at all. I’d rather spend money on great holidays (off to Vietnam in a week) or save up for some long-time wishes, which usually are out of the Christmas budget.

Never the less, I did find some cute things and some expensive things of course which would put a smile on my face and a lot of your faces as well this cheerful season.

Currently I am obsessed with velvet. Especially when it comes to interior design and colours as off rosé, grey and grey-blues. I am depreately awaiting the arrival of my new Honoré Chair for my living room which will probably make it in January – all velvet of course. Till then I am already planning to pimp my cozy couch corner with those beautiful velvet pillows from H&M Home.

Memobottle is a new startup from Australia. Two guys who developed a very stylish glass bottle which is not only sustainable but also feeds into diverse charity projects…really motivating to use less plastic in our life. If you want to find out more about Memobottle check them out here.

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wish list

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure to join the fragrance launch of the new Renegades Project. Right there and then I fell in love with Geza Schön’s creation. I had the pleasure to work with Geza during my past job and already loved his Molecule 1 for years. But now it is time to make some space in my perfume collection for this Renegade beauty.

Then  of course, as a fashion victim there are some items on my wish list which are just out of reach for the moment. On the top of that list are those beautiful, velvet, midnight blue booties from Gianvitro Rossi. Perfect heel, perfect colour, perfect everything except for the price. But well a girl can dream right.

 Not so out of reach is this Furla Metropolis beauty in silver. Just the right size for a night out and the sparkling silver will make every outfit. If you live in Hamburg check out the Furla outlet store in Neumünster. You’ll find the Metropolis bag for a good price.

Last but not least, a tiny necklace is always a good Idea. I gave a Jane Kønig necklace with the L inital to Leo for her birthday last year and am jealous since then. So it is time for my own Love Tag this Christmas.

What is on your whish list for this Christmas?



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